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About SmartK?

Our product, SmartK is based on the NCERT-recommended guidelines released in April 2018. It has been specifically crafted for our pre-schoolers who are lifelong learners. Every month is a new theme with fresh set of activities, stories and games.

SmartK is a-
  • Fun discovery box that inspires children to explore and feed their curiosity for new things.
  • Thematic, Play and Activity-based Curriculum designed to Empower both Educators and Children to experience learning through Creativity, Play and Open-ended Discovery.
  • Program which assists to build the child’s knowledge and develop skills– values and life skills for lifelong learning.
  • Program that lays the foundation for the development of reading, writing and number skills.
  • Program that includes a school readiness program which 'readies’ the children for learning to read, write and do arithmetic later.
  • Program which encourages teachers to utilize their own unique creative ideas while following the curriculum lesson plans.

Age Groups

Explore with SmartK

A new theme consisting of fun activities, literacy, numeracy, music, dance, stories, rhymes etc, runs every month. Each level catering to a different age group has been created for a uniform progression and smooth transition of the child from home to preschool to formal schooling.

Development areas

Children who have been to an early year’s program tend to learn more rapidly through an organized curriculum, effective facilitation and by interacting with other children. The curriculum must be developmentally appropriate and holistic in nature. Therefore, SmartK has been crafted keeping in mind the 6 major developmental domains.

SMARTK Advantage