About 3 years

Nuri Nori is the ultimate, integrated solution for your 3 year. It allows the child to investigate, explore and develop an understanding of their immediate enviornment. We want every child to get the same starting point. We try to make our programme easy to use with best quality so that no child is left behind. Every child is full of potential, naturally curious, and important to the community.

The programme is holistic, developmentally appropriate and most impostantly has "PLAY & LEARN"

What’s in the Box

The programme accommodates to the learning styles of the following types of learners :

  • A physical learner who needs movement and activity.
  • A visual learner who enjoys learning through experiments or watching an activity.
  • An auditory learner who retains the information after hearing it.

The standards of National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) which is world’s largest organisation of early childhood professionals - have been met with this high-quality program.

Every month, a new theme has been introduced with a fresh set of activities, stories and games. Level-I (3 Years) consist of 10 themes. Every box contains the following learning materials:

Group Activities Without Tablet

During group activities, teachers are suggested to make groups based on the material provided and guidelines shared in the Teacher’s Manual

  • Most activities require different group sizes. Please form the groups accordingly and ensure that each child gets a chance to do the group activity. Tablet-based activities are a part of group activities
  • If the group activity is not completed for all children in the designated slot, you may opt to do it on the last day of the month which is kept for reinforcement of concepts or activities

Group Activities With Tablet

Nurinori Touch
Motivate children to participate actively in this unique educational programme through the convergence of :

Nurinori Touch is a total digital education solution that integrates the tablet with educational content. This innovative solution helps teachers engage the children in a fun way. Learning is fun with a tablet because they are bright, interactive, motivating, promote problem-solving and the images and icons appeal to the children.

Individual Activities

Powerful Combination of Multimedia Content + Physical Learning Materials for Hands-on Holistic Experience.

In each theme, 4 individual activities have been incorporated. These activities are to be done by children individually


Each day, the activity begins with a multimedia content to introduce the concept and have a brief discussion with the children

  • It’s pertinent that the teacher goes through the content prior to conducting the session
  • Multimedia content is interactive and would be in 2D animation, 3D animation or flash format
  • For interactive videos, ensure each child gets a chance to do the activity
What's New

Cutting-edge multimedia content bringing about quality education


Nurinori SMART Book is curated with the following aspects in mind - Science, Mathematics, Art, Relationship, Technology. There are 10 Smart Books provided for the year. Each SMART book has a topic on which the book revolves around for that month. The teacher can keep the SMART Book in the classroom for that theme and can send it to the child’s home once the theme is complete.


In Level-I, every month has 4 days wherein worksheets have to be completed.

  • Teacher should label and distribute the worksheets to the children
  • There are many creative and paper folding worksheets which require the use of safety scissors and paper cutters. Teacher are advised to do the paper cutting activities for the children.
  • Encourage the children to use the scissors without harming themselves
  • You can send the worksheets home weekly or during open houses or Parent Teacher Meetings

Teacher Manual

In the Teacher's Manual, there is a 20-day plan provided. The Teacher's Manual shares a theme introduction, 20-day overview of the activities which mentions the 'Day', 'Composition', 'Learning Material', 'Activity Area', 'Developmental Area' and 'Multimedia Content'

  • Each lesson plan would have a 'Multimedia Content' Icon and an Activity Icon - which would be any one of these - 'Story', 'Worksheet', 'SMART Book' and 'Learning Material'

In the lesson plan, for encouraging the children to think over and above, 'Extended Activities' can be done if time permits

  • For a few activities, we do suggest adult supervision, for instance where children are doing activity with Plaster of Paris or cutting paper using safety scissors.
  • Most of the activities are one-day activities, however, there would also be instances where due to the creative nature of the art activity, the same plan is extended to two or three days. The lesson plan would have a mention of the same. Teachers are advised to follow the plan as shared in the Teacher's Manual.
  • Activities in the Teacher's Manual are also arranged in such a manner where each week, the child gets to do one individual and one group activity along with SMART book and worksheet(s).