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About Nurinori

‘Nuri’ means ‘world’ and ‘Nori’ means ‘playground’ in Korean language, signifying a wish for all children to lead their lives happily and fulfill all their hopes and dreams. Nurinori is the ultimate, integrated solution for Early Childhood Education. It is a comprehensive research-based programme that integrates all aspects of learning. Nurinori is a supportive service for consolidated and customised teaching activities by providing high-quality early childhood educational content based on the nuri curriculum. Programme aims to promote holistic development of children aged 3-5 years and establish overarching principles for becoming responsible citizens of the society. It aims to help the children in:

  • Developing physical skills and forming lifelong healthy habits
  • Encouraging to communicate well with others
  • Building up self-esteem and being collaborating with others
  • Stimulating their interest in aesthetics, creativity and encouraging them to experience art
  • Developing curiosity about the world and understanding their surroundings through scientific ways

Age Groups

What we Offer

Every month, a new theme is introduced with a fresh set of activities, stories and games. Both levels (3+ and 4+) consist of 10 themes each. Every box contains the following learning materials:

Development areas

Pre-Schoolers are special! They are transforming from parallel play to interactive play, and their language capacity is developing. They are becoming much more mobile, and they are learning to show genuine affection and concern for their peers.
NuriNori meets the specific needs of the pre-schoolers in key areas of development:

Health & Physical Fitness

Children love to move and fidget as they find it difficult to sit still for a long time. Our programme is devised to tap on this natural energy by focussing on physical activity where children learn through moving and exploring. Therefore, ensuring that physical activity is embedded in all areas of learning. Nurinori activities focus on physical well-being, muscle control, eye-hand coordination, sense of balance, physical coordination and spatial awareness. Motor skill development adds on to this and allows the children to explore and function in their immediate environment while enhancing fine and gross motor skill, concentration, self-confidence, decision making and problem-solving skills.


Activities are a powerful way to develop children’s communication skills. The activities in our programme our designed with lots of stories, role plays, poems and opportunities presented through artistics experience, with ample circle time, music and movement and games. Furthermore, discussions, cooperative play and teamwork during these activities allow the children to listen, think, recall and answer challenging questions that help in nurturing their communication skills.


Playing with peers is the child’s first social experience. While playing with friends, a child learns how to interact respectfully with peers, share and take turns as well as communicate and cooperate with each other. Activities in the Nurinori programme enhance the child's social skills while playing in groups and pairs. Simultaneously, it focuses on feelings and emotions through engaging stories, nurturing their confidence level by learning how to overcome challenges and bask in the glory of achievements. Regular interaction promotes understanding and sharing with friends and becoming aware of their needs. They also learn to understand their own bodies, self aware and have self worth

Artistic Experience

Children develop their creativity, rhythm and self-expression through structured and unstructured activities. Nurinori programme gives children the exposure to build, construct, engage, innovate, invent and enhance their creativity and imagination through various group and individual activities. Group and individual activities based on art, role play, dance, music and movement, block and manipulative exercises.

Nature & Science

Children learn the best when they explore their environment. They build on their knowledge and get a better understanding of the world through self-directed movement and active play. While doing so, children begin to learn the basics of science and geography. In our programme, Nature & Science based activities are planned through group and individual activities where children get to discover, create, classify, record, predict, evaluate and reflect on activities by their active involvement.